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Zestica Fertility®: Personal Lubricant

A personal lubricant formulated to be Sperm Friendly
to help women, and the men who love them, conceive

A Hydrogel formulation that is sperm friendly

Contains Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally found in our bodies – the body’s own natural water carrying molecule

Scientifically shown to statistically significantly improve the motility of poorly motile sperm.

Zestica Fertility® Family of Products

Zestica Fertility® is a water-based personal lubricant formulated specifically to not only provide sperm with a friendly environment, but also to improve sperm motility, thus increasing the chance of conception.

This formula underwent a trial comparing it with other fertility lubricants and also with an in vitro fertilisation medium used in IVF clinics. During the trial Zestica Fertility® out-performed both competing products and IVF medium for sperm motility giving "trying to conceive" couples a better chance for conception.

The key ingredient of Zestica Fertility® is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring molecule (non-animal sourced) already produced in our body.

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A Fertility Scientist's Testimonial

"Using Zestica Fertility lubricant during sexual intercourse helps couples trying to conceive by giving them the assurance that sperm motility will not be reduced", says Dr Zhao. He also highlighted the fact that "Zestica Fertility is made from a natural occurring molecule, hyaluronic acid which is not harmful to sperm and helps create the best possible environment during sexual intercourse for couples trying to get pregnant."

Dr. Judith Fiore, N.D.

"Vaginal dryness? Concerned about timing of intercourse?
Worried your lifestyle may be affecting your fertility?"

Dr. Judith Fiore, N.D., Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Natural Fertility Expert shares
what has helped many couples achieve baby making success.

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Zestica Fertility®
Ovulation Tests

  • You are only ever fertile for a short period of time each month. The Zestica Fertility® Tests are 99% accurate and help you to identify the fertile window when ovulation takes place and pinpoint which days you should have unprotected intercourse to significantly improve your chances of conceiving.
  • By knowing when you are in your pre-ovulatory stage you have a 28% chance in getting pregnant if you have regular unprotected sex during this fertile period.
Includes 7 Ovulation Tests

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Zestica Fertility®
Conception Pack

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Due to the potential of negative effects on sperm motility and survival:
avoid lubricants not specifically designed for assisting fertility